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Thank you for your interest in Thorn Ridge’s Wholesale Partnership Program!

Would you like to carry our handcrafted products in your store? We sell wholesale to retailers on select merchandise. We are currently partnering with businesses located in the United States. To apply, please read this page  below and then complete and submit the application. Once you’ve applied, a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We typically try to answer within 24 hours but it could be as 3 to 5 business days before we contact you. Your patience is appreciated. 


Please note that we have specific requirements for business partners and we are not currently partnering with online/ecommerce retailers, third-party marketplace sellers, or international retailers and/or distributors.

Products eligible for wholesale sales to retail stores: 

Thorn Ridge®: All Bundles, Bar Soaps, Bath Bombs, Beard Oil, Solid Colognes, Bath Salts, Foot Soaks, Bath Teas, Refreshing Fragrance Mists, Tub Tubes, Body Butter, Body Lotion, Lip Balms, Sugar Scrubs, Foaming Hand Soaps, and Candles. 

Thorn Ridge Ranch®: Hoof Oil, Soothing Cream, Wound Paste, & Barn Deodorizing Sprays.

Wholesale accounts must meet the following business requirements:

Brick and Mortar Stores: Your company must have a storefront with proof of address and location. You can email us pictures of your storefront to contact@thornridge.com or upload them in the form below.
Online Stores: Your company website must be branded, have security in place, and a complete and functional design. Our products would only be sold on your company website to individual purchasers once approved and no other business channels. No bulk sales to other resellers are allowed.
Brick and Mortar Stores that also have an online retail store: Must meet both requirements listed above for brick and mortar stores and online stores.
International Stores: We currently are not accepting international retailers for wholesale account. That may change in the future.


Facebook Marketplace, 3rd party websites, Ebay, Jet, Walmart Marketplace, Rakuten, Instagram stores etc: We do not authorize wholesaler accounts or individual customers to resell our products on any marketplace or 3rd party marketplaces. We will take legal action against offenders in order to protect our brand and trademarks.

The following business models do not meet our requirements for wholesale partnership: Facebook or Instagram stores; Local fair, flea market sellers or pop-up shops; Home parties or local group sales. If you have a unique business model outside of these parameters, we welcome you to contact us for consideration.

Documents: Wholesale account applicants must provide their current Tax Resale Certificate and Business Registration License as applicable by state. The business name represented on the documents should be consistent with the submitted application.

Inflating retail prices to appear discounted at the suggested retail price is prohibited, fixed or permanent discounts are also prohibited and will result in immediate account termination.

If you plan to sell our products on your website please note the following advertising policies. Pay-per-click advertising is prohibited. You are welcome to use our products in email advertising as long as you use hi-res, professional images and brand appropriate copy.

Wholesale pricing varies by product and will be sent once you are approved for an account.  We do not offer wholesale pricing on sample sizes products or cost-prohibitive products. We have a minimum initial order of $350 plus shipping after which, there are no minimum orders and shipping is additional. All wholesale purchases are to be paid in full for at the time of order. We do not offer COD or payment terms.

Wholesale price privileges may be withdrawn at any time at our discretion, however, notification will be provided.

We are committed to keeping our customers happy so If you are unhappy with any of our products, please contact us.

To inquire about carrying our products in your store, please send an email to contact@thornridge.com with your information.

Thorn Ridge, Inc spends a great deal of time and resources to produce and sell quality products and in protecting its brand, reputation, trademarks, product lines, and names. In order to maintain this protection, it is imperative that all wholesale partnerships we engage in, the wholesale partner must agree to follow this same level of brand protection when selling our products. Therefore, wholesale partners, who are also considered resellers, are allowed to sell our products in their brick and morter stores and on their company website and no where else. Wholesale partners are not allowed to sell our products to other companies, businesses, or individuals who intend to remarket, resell, or redistribute our products in any way. Wholesale partners are also prohibited from selling our products on Facebook Marketplace, 3rd party websites, Ebay, Jet, Walmart Marketplace, Rakuten,  Instagram stores etc: We do not authorize wholesaler accounts or individual customers to resell our products on any marketplace or 3rd party marketplaces. Instead, wholesale partners should refer those companies, businesses, and individuals to apply to our Wholesale Partner program.

Wholesale partners must clearly state in their product listings on their company websites that they are not an agent for and are not authorized to bind Thorn Ridge, Inc in any way whatsoever, that all products are subject to Thorn Ridge’s quality control, and that they, as wholesalers of our products, may only sell to the customer who is purchasing the product for their own individual use. Any violation of this agreement will void all warranties, whether express or implied, from Thorn Ridge® and Thorn Ridge® will cancel the wholesale partner's account for violating this agreement. We may also take legal action against offenders in order to protect our brand and trademarks.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your company becoming a Thorn Ridge® and/or Thorn Ridge Ranch® wholesale partner. We look forward to working with you!

NOTE: You will be redirected back to this page after submitting the form below. Scroll down to see your confirmation notification.


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